Vending machines

Our coffee machines freshly grind coffee beans to prepare your favorite beverage, which you can consume with reduced sugar content or you can try decaffeinated coffee. The machines use 8-10 bar pressure to prepare a real espresso or a creamy cappuccino.

We recommend using quality coffee beans from South-American plantations, which are roasted in accordance with a special Italian recipe. Our supplier is an Italian-owned coffee roaster who – uniquely in the country – delivers freshly roasted products every week.

Our appliances are capable of preparing hot as well as cold beverages, they can be order with cooling system and can be supplemented with a snack vending machine – making it capable of acting as a small canteen. Our appliances are equipped with water softeners for perfect quality products.

Our company offers full service for our appliances: this includes delivery, setup, continuous supply of coffee beans and repair services. All you need to provide is the place, power and water connection.


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