For over five years, our company, Time Service Ltd., has been the exclusive distributor of one of the largest Italian coffee machine producers, FAEMA S.p.A. in Hungary. Our high-quality, professional coffee machines are mostly meant for restaurants, cafés, catering businesses where large quantity, albeit great quality coffee is expected. We offer a wide range of products: from simple semi-automatic one-group coffee machines to three-group automatic and superautomatic appliances we can supply our customers to match their needs.
We not only distribute coffee machines, but other coffee-making accessories as well, such as automatic coffee grinders, water softeners, milk coolers, dishwashers and ice machines.
Our company also sells professional hot beverage vending machines for hotels, small offices, institutions, office buildings and other areas with high turnover. We offer the vending machines of N&W Global Vending S.p.A., whose products are capable of producing large quantities of excellent quality coffee in a short period of time.

All the coffee machines in our product range make coffee by grinding beans on site, we deliver the beans freshly roasted to our customers.

For all coffee makers and other appliances that we sell we provide extensive and constant repair services all over the country.